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Ovan Tiasco
Ovan Tiasco

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PostSubject: Guidelines   Guidelines Icon_minitimeThu Sep 18, 2008 6:30 am

Posting and having fun is great and all but here's something that this board will not tolerate.

-Hate. Seriously guys, we can't be having any personal tension here. Attacks and threats will be automatic ban and a report to the school administration.

-Ads. I respect entrepreneurship, but this is not the place for it. Don't be a dork and be advertising products of fraud of any kind.

-Spam. Very, Very random stuff to the point where I have to question your genetics and species is annoying and insulting to the intelligence and time people give here to get updates on what is going on. Let's be pragmatic, okay?

-Fraud. Impersonation of being someone else is just dumb and kinda creepy, okay?

-Avatar and Signature length. We have a common sense limit on avatars and signatures; if one is too large you will get a PM warning; if you fail to change it after that we will change it for you.

-Double Posting. Double Posting is when you post something, then within the hour post something you forgot to say rite under what you just said, without anyone else posting before you. The Edit Button can do wonders....

Let's be appropriate and rational and everything will be just fine. It's not hard really.
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